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East Bay Youth Football Academy (EBAY-FA) is designed to provide instruction to young boys and girls about the game of football. In addition to developing skills and running drills to teach fundamentals, EBAY-FA also teaches you how the game is played. Most kids watch football and see 22 people running around on the field.

Our goal is for kids to enjoy watching the game as well as understand the difference between a Tight End, a Guard and a Wide Receiver. EBAYFA utilizes young adults from the local area who have played youth and or high school football. This presents an opportunity for older kids to learn life skills while working with younger kids, as well as learn the importance of being responsible. Football is a great game and is even better once it is understood!

Football is also the ultimate team sport. Each position is reliant on the actions of another. For instance, a successful pass play consists of the quarterback getting the ball, the members of the line providing protection, the receivers running a good pass route, the quarterback delivering a good throw, and one of the receivers making the catch. If just one of those things does not occur, a play has far less chance of being successful or simply will fail. WE TEACH SUCCESS. We feel it is important, even at a young age, that children are taught the discipline, focus, and teamwork needed to both complete a successful play and succeed in life as they grow. That's what we are all about!